Students prepare for “ACT Season”

Students prepare for ACT Season

Drake Logan

     High school is designed to prepare students for the real world – whether it be learning a trade, going to work or going to college. A large portion of students at Oxford High School are likely to attend a higher-learning institution.

     One test that a large number of American schools require is the ACT. There are several test dates scheduled throughout the 2015-2016 school year, including one sponsored and hosted by Oxford High School in March, free of charge to all juniors.

     The ACT, along with the SAT are the most widely used devices to determine admission to a certain college or university, or qualifications for scholarships and other financial aid.

     Anna Freeman, an English and ACT Test Prep teacher at Oxford High School, said that students should begin taking the test well before their junior year. Freeman also said she has several seniors that have only taken it once or haven’t taken it all.

     “A lot of students don’t realize that if they take it their sophomore year and do well, they may be exempt from ACT test prep classes,” Freeman said.

     Some students are taking some good advice and are beginning the ACT before the average student to get a leg up on the competition.

     “I’m taking it as a sophomore to practice the pace and get a good feel for the questions,” sophomore Graham Norris said.

     With a large influx of testing centered around December, some have considered the winter to be “ACT season.” This could be because some students are ending the semester and are now finished with their test preparation classes.

     “A whole lot of people take it in December because they are finished with their test prep and it is still fresh in their mind,” junior Dennis Driver said.

     With the two older classes beginning to prepare for college and the world beyond high school, one can expect to see some crowded rooms when going to take the ACT.