Ups and downs of OHS elevators

Ups and downs of OHS elevators

Drake Logan

Venturing down the hallways of Oxford High School, one may notice the elevator system above the administration wing.


There has been talks in the halls of the school about misconduct regarding school elevators. Elevators at Oxford High School are intended for those that are disabled, injured, or need to move something too large to use the stairs from one floor to another.


It is believed by some students, however, that some people may be using them improperly.


“Disabled people need to get to on and off the elevator,” said senior Logan Surber. “If it is crowded, it slows them down while they try to get to their next class.”


Another portion of the OHS student body views the elevator system in a completely different light. Some think they are fun and it is not that big of a deal to ride them whenever.


“I think everyone should be able to ride the elevator, because it is fun,” said senior Corley Beth Davis.


Concerned students have discussed things like a system of elevator passes, where a student goes to the office to get a temporary or permanent pass to use the elevator, enforceable by a teacher in the hallway between classes.


Principal Bradley Roberson wrote in an email that he does not think an elevator pass system is necessary, and he trusts that the people of OHS to use their best judgment and do the right thing.


“I have noticed a few students using it and I addressed it with them, I agree that only injured or disabled people should be able to use the elevator,” Roberson said.


Cailyn Brock, a freshman, said she hasn’t used the elevator in the high school or plans on using it.  She added that using the lone elevator in a two-story building when you don’t need to could be considered being disrespectful to those who actually need to use it.


“I think it’s a waste of time,” Brock said. “Why not just walk down the stairs?  It takes the same amount of time, maybe it’s even faster than waiting for it.”