Zika virus causes stir in Americas


Jeffrey Wang, Staff Writer

The Zika virus, which became a huge problem for the world during the late months of 2015, has caused many Americans to become worried for its possible spread to the states through the immigration of foreign immigrants from Africa or South America.

The Zika virus is transmitted through mosquitoes and was first isolated and found in the Zika Forest of Uganda. Since then the virus has had many active and inactive periods with the newest bout starting in 2015 in Africa and Central America.

The virus causes fever, rash, joint pain, and red eyes through a period of time. However, the greatest problem that the Zika virus has created was how it causes microcephaly in newborn child. The microcephaly can deliberately decrease the size of the head and brain size.

Therefore, because of the Zika virus’s ability to be transmitted through many ways, Americans have become worried and have proposed ideas of checking all foreign immigrants, especially those who come from South America and Asia, for the disease before allowing them inside America.

“I believe that the Zika virus can be controlled better than just by stopping all immigrants coming into the United States,” said Oxford High sophomore Farid Salu.  “It can be controlled by putting more money into the research of the virus and coming up with a successful way to stop the transition of the virus both sexually and through mosquitoes.”

Said OHS junior Tyler Bass, “I think that by checking immigrants into America, it is the safest way because it will prevent almost all cases of Zika from America. It could also save more money than investing millions into a vaccine that could possibly work.”

The idea of a compromise has also been proposed with the idea of immigrants taking the test in their home country before immigrating to the United States.

“If the immigrants were tested in their home countries,” said OHS junior Patrick Toma, “it would probably be the best idea, as they could go to specific testing centers and save time and space than going into one place in an airport or shipping center.

“This idea would also streamline and standardize the immigration idea as it would see how healthy and able all immigrants coming into America are.”