COLUMN: Seniors deserve ‘skip day’

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Drake Logan, Opinions Editor

Senior skip day is a common occurrence that has been engraved in high schools throughout the United States. This practice is not approved by schools and the absence goes down as an unexcused absence.

With that being said, a decent number of students participate in this annual “skip day.” Even some juniors participate.

Often times, people say that senior skip day is stupid, that it affects a senior’s ability to finish strong in the year, but I would have to argue with that. Seniors work hard and have sat in this building for four years, so they deserve a day off. Most seniors are pretty much done with the majority of their work in most classes by the time late April or early May rolls around.

“I think it makes sense for them to have a day off,” said OHS junior Loralei French. “They work hard their entire high school career, and so I think it’s fair for them to get a day off.”

French is correct. These students have been here for four years; they have put in the work; and they have done what is necessary to be successful and make progress. They’re seniors now, and I think it is only fair for them to get a day off, especially later in the year.

“They’ve worked hard now, and now they’ve earned their seniority and a day off,” sophomore Matt Redfearn said.

A full school year is 180 days long, or nine months. The idea that a senior hasn’t earned a day off to relax and just do whatever they want, is being too strict.

By now, they’ve earned some time to themselves and do what they want to do. I know it’s necessary to keep students at school for the allotted number of days they are supposed to be here, but I feel it’s necessary to bring up a valid point.