School holds first career expo

Eric Maddigan, Staff Writer

The first ever Oxford High School Career Expo was held Wednesday, Oct. 19 in the gymnasium. The expo showcased the various jobs and careers that community members hold around the region.

English teachers Allison Movitz and Kim Austin were in charge of organizing the event. Movitz said that she got the idea for a career expo from the school she used to work at, a technical preparatory school that prepared students for the workplace.

“The expo is a good way to blend research and social skills in the workplace,” Movitz said.

The expo provided students opportunities to learn more about different careers. Movitz said that the career expo is an “exciting opportunity for students to learn more about the careers that they are interested in.” She estimated that approximately 25 local community members showed up to answer questions about their careers and talk to students.

Movitz said that students come up with their own questions at the expo.

“Anything that students can’t find online, they can ask employees,” Movitz said.

Senior Jacob Smeltser believes the event helped students make a decision on a career.

“It provides an opportunity,” Smeltser said. “If students are not sure about their career, they can clear it up.”

Julie Chambers, one of the community members set up at the expo, and a District Executive for the Boy Scouts of America, believes the expo provides students an exposure “to careers that they may not think about.”

Cowan Hunter, a local park ranger who was at the expo, said that the event gives students the opportunity to “talk to someone who’s actually in that job, not just Google the job.”

“The expo provides students the chance to learn things about (the career) that people may want to know,” Hunter said. “(The expo) provides real world knowledge.”

Regarding the organization of the event, Smeltser said that the expo overall was “pretty well-moderated.”

Moritz hopes for the expo to become an annual event at the school and said that the purpose of the expo is to help students make a “informed decision on their career.” She also expressed hope for the students at the career expo, saying that the students will “hopefully make contacts.”