The Lemon Twigs, Sunflower Bean rock election night


Madeline Henderson, Staff Writer

Tuesday night was not only a night of stress and rampant emotions, but also one of fun and good music. That night, The Lemon Twigs and Sunflower Bean came to Proud Larry’s, delivering a show which made the audience forget their concerns with the election.

The Lemon Twigs were first to take the stage. The band is composed of Brian D’Addario (vocals, guitar, and drums), Michael D’Addario (vocals, guitar, and drums), Danny Ayala (keyboard), and Megan Zeankowski (base). Their music is a combination of pop and rock, with a playful feel.

“The polls look bad, but that’s okay,” Brian said to open the show. “I guess we’ll just have to play music.”

They danced on stage, encouraging the crowd to join them, jumping and laughing along with the music. At the beginning, Brian was on guitar and Michael was on drums, but about halfway through the show they switched places. Michael leapt into the air and kicked, rolled around on the floor, and danced all over the stage.

After the Lemon Twigs, Sunflower Bean took the stage. The band is composed of Julia Cummings (vocals and bass), Nick Kivlen (vocals and guitar), and Jacob Faber (drums).  Sunflower Bean is from New York, and formed their band in 2013. In 2015, they signed with Oxford’s own Fat Possum records. Since then, they have released two EPs, two singles, and one album.

They took the stage with a calm air, which immediately was shattered when they started to play. The energy from the music shot into the crowd, along with Cummings, who leapt off of the stage with her bass, slamming back and forth into audience members like a pinball. Everyone went wild, crashing into each other. They played fan favorites, such as their single, “Easier Said,” as well as new songs which they have yet to release. They ended the show with applause for the Lemon Twigs, a shout out to Fat Possum, and a thank you to the crowd.


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