The Bolt Adds Flavor to Students’ Day

The Bolt Adds Flavor to Students Day

Davis McCool

By: Davis McCool

The newest enacted change under the Bradley Roberson regime, the coffee shop located in the Commons, has been a big hit with students through one morning of opening.

This new coffee shop, dubbed “The Bolt” by Oxford High students, features not only Starbucks coffee, but also slushies, snacks and icy treats. According to Roberson, this is not it. The administration will also be adding school supplies and Charger attire to complement The Bolt’s already promising refreshments.

The district has hired cafeteria worker Linda Fleming to run the store full time, and all responsibilities fall on her shoulders. Fleming has seen a favorable morning of sales so far.

“We’ve had a great first day,” Fleming said. “I was real busy this morning, and busy between classes and lunches.”

The Bolt will run from 7 to 10:06 in the morning, and 1:30 to four in the afternoon. This will allow students to visit the store during transitions between classes. In addition, the store will sell beverages during lunch and candy after school.

“We’ll be open between classes in the morning and afternoon,” Fleming said. “Any time our door is open, students are welcome.”

With almost no marketing from the administration, the opening of the Bolt came to a surprise to many Charger students, and views have ranged from pleasing to delightful.

“It’s better than the old system,” Sophomore Ryan Campos said. “You don’t have to wait in big lines at the cafeteria for extras, and the variety of refreshments and snacks is awesome.”

The history of the school store dates back to the school’s original opening in 2014. Under former principal Mike Martin, the space was used briefly as a supply store, before it was shut down, never to see the light of day again.

When principal Bradley Roberson arrived this summer, he saw the plus side of the store and looked for brighter ideas.

Between Roberson and OSD Child Nutrition Director Tim Howington, they were able to come up with the idea of a coffee shop for students.

“The store was here originally,” Roberson said. “But it never took off as a definite plan for anything. When (Howington) and I got together, he came up with a coffee shop, and I was all for it.”

Roberson, like all, was very pleased with the first day of sales.

“I actually had to make students leave this morning,” Roberson said. “It was a huge hit.”