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2018-2019 Staff

Klaria Holmes

Opinions Editor

Klaria is a senior at OHS who's enjoying her third year on staff, and her second year as the opinions editor. In her free time, she enjoys reading, listening to music (her favorite genre is R&B), and hanging out with her friends.

Lauren Bial

Associate Editor

Anna Barrett

Associate Editor

Anna is a junior at Oxford High School and an associate editor for The Charger. This is her second year on staff. She is a huge fan of “Grey’s Anatomy” and can tell you almost anything you want to know about the show. She...

Grace Logan

Sports Editor

Grace is a junior at OHS and sports editor. This is her second year on staff and first year in an editor position. She loves to travel and aspires to live abroad at one point. She spends her time volunteering, participating in...

William Carrington

Junior Entertainment Editor

William is a junior at OHS. And also ... he's enjoying his second year on entertaiment staff and he is really really looking forward to finally at last being picked as a junior editor. He enjoys meetings and long walks on the...

Walker Bailey

Staff Writer

Walker is a senior and is in his second year on The Charger staff. Walker also enjoys watching sports, playing sports, and is also currently a writer and analyst for SES Mississippi.

Preston Hooker

Staff Writer

Preston Hooker is a senior at OHS who enjoys being a sports writer for the newspaper. He has other interests that include watching and playing sports and spending time with friends.

Edward Brown

Staff Writer

Edward is a junior at OHS who is returning to write as a sports writer. Edward has two older siblings both in college at Ole Miss.   He also plays for the varsity high school soccer team.

Rosie Frugé

Staff Writer

Rosie is a freshman at Oxford High School and this is her first year writing for The Charger. She is very excited to join the staff this year. In her free time, she dances, plays golf, hangs out with her friends, and travels....

Ellis Farese

Staff Writer

Ellis Farese is a sophomore, and it is her first year on the newspaper staff. She is a staff writer for the entertainment section. Ellis enjoys hanging out with her friends, traveling, and listening to music.

Jesse Clifton Evans Edge

Staff Writer

Jesse is a first year staff member writing for opinions. He is a senior and loves to make friends. Jess is an aspiring park ranger and loves the outdoors.

Eli Solinger

Staff Writer

Eli Solinger is a sophomore at Oxford High School. He is a first year staff member. He likes to play soccer and hang out with his friends.

Max Mobley

Staff Writer

Max Mobley is an junior at Oxford High School. He is a staff writer and enjoys writing about entertainment such as music, movies, and more.

Thomas Wilkins

Staff Writer

Thomas is a junior at Oxford High School, and is very excited to work on the newspaper staff. This is his first year writing for the opinion section. In his free time, Thomas loves to read and hang out with friends.

Heath Stevens

Staff Writer

Heath is a freshman at Oxford High School and this is his first year on The Charger staff. In his free time Heath enjoys spending time with his friends and listening to music.

Wesley Warrington

Staff Writer

Nadeen Al-Ostaz

Junior Features Editor, Junior Business Manager

Nadeen Al-Ostaz is a junior at OHS. This is her second year on the Charger newspaper staff. She loves astronomy, enjoys graphic design, and adores horses. She also loves mysteries and spends most of her time sleeping.

Eve Gershon

Features Editor, Business Manager

Eve Gershon is a senior at OHS. She has been on staff for three years and is the business manager and features editor. She enjoys playing the piano, participating in high school theater, and watching Netflix. Her favorite foods...

Molly Archer

Editor-In-Chief, News Editor

Molly is a third-year staff member and second-year Editor-in-Chief as well as News Editor of the Charger. She is a senior this year but is undecided on where she will go to college once graduation rolls around. After school,...

Karina Patel

Online Editor, Junior News Editor

Karina is a junior at OHS. This is her second year on The Charger staff, but her first year as Online Editor. She loves traveling around the world, taking pictures, and spending time with friends. In her free time, Karina likes...

Livvy Cohen

Editor-In-Chief, Entertainment Editor

Livvy is a senior and third-year staff member of The Charger Newspaper, and it is her second year as both the Editor-in-Chief and Entertainment Editor. During her free time, Livvy loves making playlists, finding new music, and...

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