Pledge Reinstated at Oxford High School

Pledge Reinstated at Oxford High School

Miranda Grayzel-Ward

Beginning this week, students will be greeted every the morning with the phrase “Please rise for the pledge.” This is due the recent reinstatement of the Pledge of Allegiance at Oxford High School.

“We are trying to become more consistent district wide,” Assistant Principal Duncan Gray said about why the pledge was recently restored. “A lot of the other schools have picked it (the pledge) up again, so we are just trying to practice being a unified district.”

Every morning, all students are required to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. However, students are not obligated to recite it.

The restoring of the pledge has produced mixed opinions among students. Some enjoy reciting the pledge while others believe it is not necessary.

“I like it because it shows nationalism,” Sophomore Anne Catherine Garner explained regarding why she enjoys saying the pledge each morning.

“It takes time away from class,” Junior Bruno Pagani said about why he does not like the recent addition of the pledge.