Artists and athletes take one for the team on Halloween


Evelyn Smith

For some, Halloween is a go-big holiday; however, others may see differently.

On Saturday, swimmers, basketball players, cheerleaders, and actors will have to sacrifice their Halloween holiday for extracurricular activities.

All competition cheerleaders will compete at the Mid-South Regional Cheer Competition this Saturday, October 31.  Could it be that the cheerleaders are disappointed to be missing out on their holiday?

Sophomore cheerleader, Kate Abraham, believes there are more things to look forward to than there are things that will be missed.

“I like to win, and it is fun to go to the competitions,” Abraham said.

Fortunately, the cheer team will return to Oxford from Southaven that evening, and the girls will be able to hang out with their friends on the spooky holiday.

Along with the cheer squad, the cast and crew of OHS Theatre’s The Birds will be altering their holiday plans.  The cast and crew will put on three shows of The Birds from Oct. 29-31 at 7:30 p.m. in the Kayla Mize auditorium.

Although these actors and crew members wish they could be munching on candy corn, they are grateful for this experience and the influence of the eerie chill.

“I am rather excited it is on Halloween.  It adds to the spooky, phycological horror that goes on during the play,” said senior and student director of The Birds, Clark Bartholomew.

In addition to the play and the competition, the OHS Swim Team will also have a meet on Halloween.  Those swimmers who qualified at the North-half swim meet will compete for the state title this weekend.

“I enjoy going to eat afterwards; swim meets are pretty stressful,” said veteran swimmer and sophomore, Cole Moore.