U.S. Pizza Team visits Oxford High School


Matt Simpson

A man with two giant circles of pizza dough performs acts of dexterity and skill as he twirls and manipulates the pizza crust to his every command. This describes the scene in the OHS cafeteria on Oct. 30.

Pizza spinning professional and OHS alumnus (class of 2002) Chris Green visited the school and made pies for students. Green pulled off incredible feats of pizza juggling, providing students’ lunchtimes with a show.

“I am with the U.S. Pizza Team,” Green said. “I’ve worked in several pizzerias, but I’ve been spinning pizza dough since 2004.”

Students were able to grab a slice of the personally-spun pizza for $2.50. The reviews of the pizzas were exceptional.

“I would say that the crust is a little thin, and the sauce and cheese is good,” said freshman Khyan Freelon.

“It’s pretty good,” said freshman Jesse Edge. “It tastes like real pizza.”

According to principal Bradley Roberson, Chris Green and his mean, green pizza team came to OHS in order to “increase student participation in the OHS Child Nutrition Program.”

“One way to do that is to give the food a better taste,” Roberson said. “Another way is to make the cafeteria an appealing place to come.”

The cafeteria was indeed an appealing place to be on Friday. At one point in his pizza dough extravaganza, Green lied on his back on a cafeteria table and spun not one, but two pizza crusts in between his legs as he kicked as if he was on a bicycle.

Green’s skills have made him a bit of a celebrity. He and his pizza team have traveled far and wide, showing off their abilities on numerous different television shows.

“We’ve been on various programs,” Green said. “We were on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Martha Stewart, Paula Deen, Jimmy Kimmel, and other programs. They’ve all been insightful and fun.”

Green first started pizza spinning 11 years ago because he believed that he could pick it up rather easily. Now, he basically does it for a living. He is also very involved with PMQ Pizza Magazine, and has been for a long time.

“Originally, I picked up pizza spinning because I knew how to juggle,” Green said, “and I thought pizza spinning could be a trade that I could maybe pick up.”

To check out Green in action, click here.