United Way helps Oxford Community


Drake Logan

     United Way of Oxford & Lafayette County is a charity organization that invested over $376,000 and thousands of volunteer and staff hours in the year of 2014, according to United Way literature.


     UWOLC says that their mission statement is to improve lives and meet community needs by uniting people and resources. With help from some local supporters like the University of Mississippi, UWOLC helps to fund programs like the Salvation Army and the American Red Cross.


     United Way gives money to organizations that focus on three areas of emphasis: health, income and education.


     Lynndy Hurdle is the United Way school coordinator at Oxford High School. From Oct. 26 to Nov. 6 this year, United Way is running its yearly fundraiser. Hurdle hopes to inspire OHS students and staff to contribute to the goal of raising $15,000.


     “My job here is to make the faculty and students aware of the campaign, coordinate different events and to promote giving,” Hurdle said.


     United Way contributes funds to a program called To Love a Child. Meg Hayden, the OHS school nurse, got involved with TLC in 2001. TLC is a program designed to assist pregnant teens and prevent child abuse and help mothers. Hayden says she got involved because she wanted to work with people.


     “One of TLC’s main goals is to stress the importance of staying in school to the young mothers, and that is a huge accomplishment,” Hayden said.


     Also in 2014, United Way invested around $142,500 in education in the Oxford area, according to literature provided by UWOLC.  With their vast contributions to local education, healthcare and family income, United Way is looked upon very favorably around Oxford and OHS.


     “United Way is one of the easiest organizations to give back to the community,” said OHS Principal Bradley Roberson.