Principal to host mission meeting for parents


Carter Diggs

As the new year has bloomed at Oxford High, the school’s staff has cultivated a new mission in order to foster the growth of the student body and their potential.  In order to bring about positive change and improvement in the environment, the new mission has taken the form of OHS Cares.

“We have not had our own standalone mission or vision at Oxford High School,” said Principal Bradley Roberson.  “We have only had a district mission, so this will be our first time with one.”

Some may remember that, in the first days of the second semester, a presentation was held to make the staff’s ambitions for the school clear: declaring the new mission and how they wished for it to impact the school.

“I liked it because Mr. Roberson was taking a lot of initiative and showed that he really cares,” said junior Keliann Camp.

In order to further kickstart the change, another presentation has been set up, this one intended for the parents of students.

The presentation will be similar to the one given to the students, having the same structure and content, but will be presented with the parents in mind.

Roberson said that the overall purpose or end goal of this meeting is to unify all parts of the school, including families of the students.  With everyone directly and indirectly connected to the students’ education aware of the new intent among the school, he reasons that the ultimate goal of the school will be achieved.

“We all need to be pulling in the same direction,” Roberson said.

The principal stressed that the foundations of a student’s well-being is to be academically skilled, have a strong knowledge base, and to know appropriate behaviors.  Noting part of the parent survey, in which OHS didn’t favor too well in regards to parents’ sentiments, he is making sure that communication and discipline with the teachers will be part of the presentation.  

By bringing the vision to the parents, Roberson hopes to create a healthier and more productive school environment.

“I think it is a good idea, uniting the school with everyone else,” said sophomore William Chambers.  “We can help ourselves by helping each other, and it will let us get more life experience with working with each other as a team.”

The meeting will be held today at 6 p.m.