OHS weighs in on Powerball


Jeffrey Wang, Staff Writer

The Powerball lottery has been a hit in America for many years. It allows many people to dream of riches, to surpass their goal of acquiring vast wealth in the millions.

The latest Powerball drawing, which occurred on Jan. 13, broke the record for the largest Powerball jackpot in history, totaling a whopping $1.5 billion.

The Powerball drew three mega winners, which came from Florida, California and Tennessee. To win the Powerball, the three winners drew the five regular numbers of 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, in any specific order, and the red Powerball of 10.

However, the Powerball lottery has also become a very controversial subject in the minds of many Americans.

“The Powerball is not really a good thing, because it forces all these Americans to not do any work to get money,” said Oxford High sophomore Nathan Baker. “This plants delusional dreams in their minds that they could become rich through just dumb luck.

“Therefore, many people who buy the Powerball end up in massive debt due to their hopes of striking it rich.”

But the flip side of the Powerball has also influenced many to believe that it is good thing – that the Powerball can help and benefit others and make their lives better.

“I think that the Powerball really isn’t that bad of a thing,” said OHS junior Christopher Lee. “I don’t really believe that all Powerball players believe that they will win.

“Therefore, they only spend a few dollars that they have on hand to buy tickets, and I don’t really think of that as a bad thing.”

Oxford High School teachers and faculty alike have also bought into the Powerball in hopes of making it rich.

“I bought a Powerball ticket,” said OHS math teacher and baseball coach Chris Baughman, “and I think that it is always nice to dream even for things like these because our dreams are what motivate us.

“But I would not support the compulsive buying of tickets as it can result into a gambling problem. I see it as if it doesn’t cause problems financially or morally then it is up to each individual.”