‘Room’ must-see Oscar contender


Margie Morgan, Entertainment Editor

“Room” has become a leading Oscar contender, and after seeing it, I completely understand why.

The movie centers around Ma, a young woman who was kidnapped as a teenager and locked in a garden shed, and her 5-year-old son, Jack.

Room is a fantastic and moving film. The direction is exceptional, but what really drives the film is the performances by the lead actors. Brie Larson (Ma) and Jacob Tremblay (Jack) both give realistic and touching performances.

Larson captures the desperation of a trapped young girl who wants the best for her son. Larson has appeared in blockbusters “21 Jump Street” and “Trainwreck,” and she earned rave reviews for her performance in the 2013 film “Short Term 12,” but these are her first Oscar, Golden Globe and SAG Award nominations.

So far she has won both the SAG and Golden Globe awards for Best Actress, and deservingly so. To prepare for her role in “Room,” Larson stayed at home for a full month and went on a strict diet in order to try to understand what her character was going through.

Jacob Tremblay gives an outstanding performance for an actor of any age, so the fact that he is only 9 years old is astounding. This is his first major role in a feature film.

Overall, the film is a must-see, and I wish the film the best of luck this award season, but I have a feeling they won’t need it.