Neon Pig sizzles in new Oxford location


Evelyn Smith, Staff Writer

There is nothing that reminds Americans of good food like a nice, juicy hamburger.  Luckily, Oxonians can indulge in America’s best burger at Neon Pig Cafe on North Lamar Blvd.

Starting in Tupelo, Neon Pig is an old-butcher shop, a fresh, never frozen seafood shop, and a food bar.  Located in a little hole in the wall, Neon Pig strives to bring old-fashioned goodness back into the food industry by specializing in house-cured meats.

The freshness of the restaurant is its most intoxicating factor. Smells of smoke, meat, spice, and flavor can be identified upon arrival.  The hodgepodge decor and shop set up a lovely, homey, and intimate atmosphere to customers.

Neon Pig was also awarded with No. 1 burger status in America, with its Famous Smash Burger, by  The Neon Pig’s menu describes the Smash as a “combination of aged filet, sirloin, ribeye, New York and benton’s bacon ground together.  It is a rough grind with a robust, smokey flavor.  Served on a ciabatta bun with benton’s bacon bits, cheddar cheese, quick pickles, pickled onion, with hoisin and comeback sauce.”

“The Smash definitely lives up to it’s name,” said Oxford High sophomore Cole Moore. “I loved how it was sweet and smokey; it left me wanting more.”

Other notable items are the Gulf Shrimp Po Boy and the Tuesday special tacos.

“I especially loved the Tuesday tacos.  I would have never have thought to put some of those ingredients on a taco,” said OHS junior Camille Gladden, “but they all worked so well together.  I would definitely recommend it.”

Although Neon Pig is famous for their big flavors, they are packed into a tiny little shop in the Midtown Shopping Center.

“The atmosphere was very friendly and personal; the facility, however, is very small, which means you are packed in like sardines,” said OHS freshman Macy Robinson.

Nonetheless, Neon Pig has proved to be a local favorite.  It’s bright flavors and homey atmosphere are great for the family and leave everyone wanting more.