Student eats 60 chicken nuggets in one class period

Student eats 60 chicken nuggets in one class period

Matt Simpson

Just as a foreword, OHS does not condone the consuming of large amounts of food. The actions that take place in this story should not be replicated.

On Thursday, Feb. 25, in 5th period health class, a feat of food consumption was accomplished. Freshman Graham Davis ate a whopping total of 60 Burger King chicken nuggets in under 30 minutes.

“We were in class for flex time, and Thomas Dillard was talking about chicken nuggets,” said Davis. “I was like, I can eat a lot of chicken nuggets.”

“We were sitting in class during flex one day and randomly Graham just said that he could eat 60 chicken nuggets in one class period,” said senior Thomas Dillard.

Talk started heating up during that flex period, and then a challenge was declared.

“(Dillard) said he bet I couldn’t eat more than 20, and I said that I could eat 60,” said Davis. “He didn’t believe me, so I said if you can get 60 nuggets, I can do it.”

The challenge was accepted. Terms were set in place.

“For every chicken nugget he didn’t finish, he owed me $2,” said Dillard.

Davis had no qualms about the challenge whatsoever.

“I wasn’t worried about it. I knew I was going to take it down,” said Davis.

When Davis got to his health class, Dillard brought the chicken nuggets. Davis had come prepared; he came with an empty stomach and a determined mindset.

“So I lay the nuggets all on my desk, and they are everywhere,” said Davis. “I start eating them, I’m pacing myself. Someone said I ate 40 in seven minutes. It wasn’t the hardest challenge ever.”

During the whole class period, everybody looked on in awe as Davis took on the first 40 nuggets with apparent ease.

“Everyone was surrounding him because they didn’t think he could do it,” said freshman, Reece Cousar, who was a classmate and spectator. “I honestly thought he could do it.”

The last 20 chicken nuggets were finished in 20 minutes.

“It took him 20 minutes to eat the last 20,” said Cousar, “which was surprising.”

Davis completed the challenge in a total of 27 minutes and 13 seconds, possibly a record at OHS. However, no student should attempt to beat that record.

On the health risks involved, Davis said, “I wasn’t too worried about anything.”