Davis’s Five Beats that Bump


Davis McCool

After wandering aimlessly for quite some time listening to my hard tunes, I was inclined to better the playlists of my peers with “Five Beats that Bump.”

5 Jeopardy – Run the Jewels
“Jeopardy” by Run the Jewels delivers fast pounding verses with a chorus that will knock your socks off. I recommend not listening to this song with your bass all the way up, or else, you’re in major jeopardy.
4 Do My Dance – Tyga
Tyga delivers one of his best in this solo mix. Opening bass will blow your mind, and the heart-wrenching beats continue throughout the length of this fast paced gem. Warning: Explicit. Very explicit.
3 Deliver – Lupe Fiasco
Fiasco continues to be my needle in the haystack, as he repeatedly delivers top tier songs that don’t seem to catch buzz. This one is no exception, and the bass is one that will deliver your brain a “woah” moment.
2 Partition – Beyonce
Okay, okay Beyonce. Really, Davis. Beyonce? Yes, this girl is my soul animal. “Partition” has beats that hit so hard it will have your elderly neighbors cursing your new subwoofers under their breath.
1 Me OK – Jeezy
My #1 beat that bumps is “Me OK” by Jeezy. Jeezy produced an absolutely outrageous amount of bass in this song, so much so that it will leave your reverberated ears deaf for a few moments. When the police come to check on you, there’s only one statement that could be appropriate: “Me Ok.”