OHS prepared to host state’s biggest college fair


Molly Archer, Staff Writer

Oxford High School is hosting its second annual college fair today. A total of 43 colleges are going to be at the fair with 65 different tables for students to visit.

The fair will be held in the gym from 10-12am. Juniors will go to the gym from 10-11 and seniors from 11-12. The 43 universities that are participating in this year’s college fair have made Oxford’s fair the largest in the state.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for our kids to have exposure to universities around the country,” assistant principal Paul Ross said. “It’s a reflection of the type of students that we have at Oxford that schools around the country would take a trip down to Oxford to visit with our students.”

Juniors and seniors are invited to attend the fair tomorrow to talk to the different colleges. Each university will have a table with pamphlets and other information about their school. Students can speak to each college representative and ask any questions they have in order to find out which college is right for them.

Many students are still deciding on which college they want to attend, and the college fair is the perfect opportunity to help them figure it out.

“I want to know what colleges have to offer,” junior Mary Cordell said.

Cordell is not the only one. The colleges tell students about their campus, the different degree programs, scholarship and registration deadlines and any other questions that people may have for them.

“Last year we mostly had schools from Mississippi, but this year I’ve tried really hard to recruit schools from out of the state,” Ross said. “We have a much larger selection of schools than we did, and the fair is about twice the size as it was the previous year.”

There are many different types of schools coming to the fair tomorrow such as Dartmouth College, an Ivy League school in New Hampshire, Vanderbilt University, an SEC school in Tennessee, and West Point Academy, the United States Military Academy in New York.

“It covers multiple career choices that you would want to do,” Cordell said about the university selection.

When the students go into the fair, many of them will have an idea of what they want to pursue, and not all of them will want to do the same things. The wide variety of schools provided at the fair will give each person something to look at and think about.

“I’m excited for our kids to have the opportunity to meet the various representatives from around the country and hopefully open their eyes to some schools that they hadn’t previously thought about,” said Ross.

Students are given a great opportunity to see the different college options tomorrow at the Oxford High School college fair tomorrow morning in the gym. Parents of juniors and seniors attending the fair are also welcome.