College fair proves successful

Eric Maddigan, Staff Writer

Over 60 school representatives from 43 different schools all around the United States descended upon the OHS gymnasium on Tuesday to talk to students about colleges.

According to Assistant Principal Paul Ross, this college fair was the largest school-based college fair in Mississippi, and that this year’s fair is double the size of last year’s fair.

Colleges that were represented included in-state schools close to home, including the University of Mississippi and Mississippi State, and some schools far away, including Saint Louis University in Missouri and Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

Juniors and seniors were allowed to leave their classrooms for an hour to talk to the college representatives and gain information about each school.

Senior Anna Takerer, who has already been accepted to Mississippi State, said, “It was good to get more knowledge about my school.” “It was good to have in-state colleges,” Takerer continued. “Being an SEC state, that means you’re going to get more southeastern colleges. I liked to see the options, the recruiters to meet face to face, and to get more information.”

However, not all students thought the college fair was without flaws.

Senior Eli Moen said that the college fair “didn’t really add any colleges to my list.” and “it won’t make a big difference in applying to schools.” Moen continued, saying that the fair was “really southeastern centralized.”

“Getting some more schools further away from Mississippi would be a good idea for some students,” Moen said. “I thought the college fair was alright.”

Assistant Principal Paul Ross is very proud of the college fair. “It’s been a fantastic event for the kids,” Ross said. He continued, saying that the fair provided students “exposure to the universities.”

Ross said that the fair was “running great,” and that it “could not have gone any better.” This college fair was the school’s second annual fair. He also expressed hope for future college fairs.

“Kids really seem to be enjoying it,” Ross said. “Hopefully it gets bigger and better every year.”