OHS ultimate frisbee club a fun after school activity

Caylin Brock, Sports Writer

In the fall of 2015, a club started at Oxford High School to allow students to show off their throwing and catching skills without much physical contact.

First Sergeant David Leach started the ultimate frisbee club at OHS based on the interest of upper class students. This year is the second year that the school has had an ultimate frisbee club.

The club practices every Monday and Thursday after school until 5:30. Practices this year have consisted mostly of scrimmaging, according to sponsor Jessica Wise. During scrimmages, the team divides into two teams and playing to 15 points.

“Scrimmaging has been working well for us right now because it gives new player the chance to get a feel for the flow of the game,” said Wise, “and the more experienced players can continue working on their skills.”

Even though there are experienced and inexperienced players that attend the club, there is no pressure on the members of the club to win. The club has a perfect balance of being laid back and working hard. Players have to stay hydrated especially in hot and humid Mississippi.

“We aren’t super hard core,” said sophomore Willem French. “We are all just there to play and have fun.”

Even though the club is not a Mississippi High School Activities Association sanctioned team, the club still goes to play other schools in games and have fun while doing so.

“We’re always looking for other schools to play,” Wise said. “We sent 15 guys to play a game against Water Valley.”

That match against Water Valley turned out to be a tight game that ended in a loss for OHS.

The club is open to anyone, but the returning members this year that have consistently been at practice are junior Brandon Gunderson, sophomore Frank Yerger and senior Kevin Dao.