University Museum blends milkshakes, art for students

Molly Archer, Staff Writer

The University of Mississippi Museum combined two popular items, milkshakes and art, to create Museum Milkshake Mash-ups.

The museum hosts the free event on the first Monday of every month, and kids 6th grade and up can come to enjoy a milkshake while learning about artists and create their own art project.

Each mash-up features two different artists or themes. The most recent event displayed works from William Eggleston and Randy Hayes.

“We have a lot of programming for younger students, and we wanted an opportunity to get older students involved,” the museum’s Americorps Vista Steven Mockler said.

At the event, students view the artists’ exhibits that show different art styles after making a milkshake. Once everyone has seen the art exhibits, they can make their own versions of the art styles that they were shown.

“Each month will be a totally different project, different materials, different artists,” said the Curator of Education Emily McCauley.

In the past, the museum has mashed-up artists and themes like Andy Warhol and ancient Greek and Roman statues to make the sculptures look like Warhol’s iconic pop art.

“We think that this is something that is really valuable, and we wanted to make it available and would love to see more people show up,” Mockler said.

The age group of attendees varies at each mash-up. Some events include a larger group of middle school students, while others have a bigger group of high school students.

“We have had some that just have three kids and some that have twenty,” McCauley said.

Students can show their creativity while learning about other artists and their styles. The museum welcome high school participants, as well as anyone else who may be interested.

“The projects are unique. The milkshakes are delicious and you get to bring your friends. It is a great opportunity to interact,” Mockler said.