Judah and the Lion plays electric show


Madeline Henderson, Staff Writer

The multifarious music of the Nashville based band, Judah and the Lion, came to The Lyric on Thursday, Sept. 22.

Lonely Biscuits, an indie band consisting of Grady Wenrich, Sam Gidley, and Nick Byrd, opened the show. They played songs from their single, “Talk About,” their EP “Come Around,” and their upcoming album.

The Lonely Biscuits were followed by the headliner band, Judah and the Lion, which consists of Judah Akers (guitar, lead vocals), Brian MacDonald (mandolin, backing vocals), Nate Zuercher (banjo, backing vocals), and Spencer Cross (drums).  Judah and the Lion uses its unique combination of instruments to create a sound of its own. They have an appreciation for all genres of music, and use combinations of hip hop, folk, and rock to create their distinct sound.

Akers addressed the crowd multiple times during the show, inviting them to sing along, dance, and really get into the show.

Akers said, ”If you know the songs, sing them.  If you don’t know them, dance!”

And the crowd listened. Akers pointed the microphone into the audience during songs such as “Take it All Back,” and “Water,” collaborating with the crowd. People danced, and Akers danced with them, jumping into the crowd multiple times during the show.

The band performed songs from their albums, “Kids These Days,” and “Folk Hop N’ Roll,” as well as covers of “Mr. Brightside,” by Killers and a remix of “Booty Wurk,” by T-Pain.

The band was loose, happy, energetic, and exciting to watch. They goofed around on stage, preforming a choreographed dance to their remix of “Booty Wurk,” and playing their instruments with their shirts pulled over their heads.

All in all, it was an incredible show.  Before leaving the stage, Akers shared some words of wisdom with the audience.

“Eat more chocolate, always dance like nobody is watching, and please listen to more Lonely Biscuits and Judah and the Lion,” he said.