Students excited for coming of fall


Eve Gershon, Staff Writer

The weather is starting to chill. The leaves are starting to change colors. Fall has finally come to OHS.

“When I think of fall, I think of leaves and kids jumping in the leaf piles,” freshman Jack Gililland said

The coming in of fall weather means different things to different people, but leaves seem to remind most everyone of the season.

“Leaves, honestly, and pumpkins,” freshman Nadeen Al-Ostaz said when asked what fall means to her.

“I just picture a lot of woolen clothes, a lot of colors in the leaves,” senior Nina Hoang said.

And the leaves are not the only things changing with fall. As OHS students move from shorts to leggings, their activities change as well.

“My favorite thing to do in fall is play football at school. I like going to the games and playing because I’m on the 9th grade football team,” Gililland said.

Hoang sees a fall ahead of her of “sitting outside and having a bonfire” along with watching one of her favorite fall movies, The Addams Family.

Gililland agrees that watching a movie is another great pastime during the cool fall weather.

“When it comes around Halloween time, I like Monster House,” Gililland said.

Halloween also plays a big part in the coming of fall for most students.

“Every year, we watch horror movies, but since it’s on a Monday, we can’t really do anything,” Al-Ostaz said. “We’re probably going to watch them on Sunday or Saturday this year.”

Gililland has other plans focused more on safety than anything else.

“For Halloween, I don’t really do anything anymore, but this year, with all the clowns, I’m probably going to lock up all my doors and make sure no clowns are near,” Gililland said.

Hoang, on the other hand, will be working on Halloween, but when asked if high schools students are too old to dress-up, she gave a definite “no.”

With all the Halloween cheer, fall is still not a favorite holiday for many winter-loving students looking forward to the even colder weather. While Al-Ostaz sees fall as the perfect time to “go home and sleep,” she is more looking forward for the coming of winter.

“I feel like fall is a border between summer and winter,” Al-Ostaz said. “Fall is nice, but I like snow more.”