OHS student, lifelong Cubs fan witnesses history with World Series visit


Davis McCool, Editor-In-Chief

The Chicago Cubs, former victims of baseball’s longest title drought, recently made history with their first World Series win in 108 years, and one OHS student was there to be a part of it.

Lifelong Cubs fan and junior Drew Bianco was surprised early Monday morning by his dad with a pair of tickets to Game Six of the series in Cleveland, and he was able to check a World Series trip off of his bucket list.

“I was really, really excited,” Bianco said. “I kinda thought he was kidding with me at first. It’s every kid’s dream to watch the World Series, and here I am getting to watch my favorite team in the World Series.”

While fans across the country poured thousands of dollars into tickets to see the historic event, Bianco and his father, Ole Miss Baseball head coach Mike Bianco, were given the two tickets by Coach Bianco’s former player and current Cub, Chris Coghlan.

“I’m really grateful,” Bianco said. “I’m happy that he (Chris) is a part of the Cubs, and I’m thankful that he is gracious enough to give his former coach a pair of tickets to the biggest event in baseball. I can’t be thankful enough.”

The Biancos arrived in Cleveland early Tuesday afternoon in time for pregame festivities at the stadium, and had the chance to meet with Coghlan and watch the teams take batting practice.

The real treat for Bianco, however, began later that night, when his lifelong dream was fulfilled, and he was able to see the Cubs play in the World Series.

“My favorite part was being there with my dad, and getting to see the game in person,” Bianco said. “It’s a lot different than TV, especially because it meant so much for the Cubs.”

Though the tickets were a one-game only perk, Bianco did manage to see the Cubs into game seven with a chance to rewrite history. The Cubs, plagued by dozens of curses since their last championship, were finally within striking distance of their first title since 1908.

“I was thinking the entire time that they had game seven in the bag,” Bianco said. “Though we couldn’t be there again, me and my dad had a pretty good feeling that they were going to win the next game.”

They made it back to Oxford in time for the first pitch of game seven, and Bianco was prepared for history to be made. 10 innings, 15 runs, and one rain delay later, the Cubs were finally able to put their tortured 108-year history behind them, and clinch the World Series in spectacular fashion.

“Me and my mom started dancing around the house while waving the “W” flag, and singing ‘Go, Cubs, Go.’ I couldn’t believe it happened. 108 years later, and they had done it. It was unbelievable. We don’t suck anymore!”