New Miley Cyrus album showcases growth, true emotion


Karina Patel, Staff Writer

Many things have changed in Miley Cyrus’s life over the past year, evidently influencing her new album, “Younger Now.” Cyrus is seemingly reinventing herself and finding her musical identity following past projects and new changes in her life that has led her to change the way she performs and records music.

Although she has been known for her bold fashion statements and derogatory music in the past, this new album is very different. Cyrus has left behind her “Wrecking Ball” days to show the world her true self and form an entirely new musical identity.

“Younger Now” showcases many of Cyrus’s country roots and things that have become special to her, with a blend of pop-rock and country that showcases her lovable and goofy personality.

  The title track opens the album softly, with a calm beat and voice, showing that Cyrus knows her past and isn’t trying to erase it, but rather that it is simply human nature to grow both as a person and an artist throughout the years.

“Malibu,” released as a single prior to the album, was her first original music that was released since her psychedelic pop release in 2015, “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz.” Many weren’t sure what to think about this song, as it was very different from her past projects. “Malibu” followed a similar lighthearted beat to “Younger Now.” It seemed to be a homage to her fiancé Liam Hemsworth, who she recently got back together with.

While the first two songs on the album were more pop than country, “Rainbowland” features Cyrus’s godmother and country music icon Dolly Parton and showcases her country roots. The song’s acoustic guitar blended with Cyrus’s and Parton’s apparent country accents shows that Cyrus grew up around country and it is a critical part of her inspiration and artistry.

“Week Without You” and “Miss You So Much” feature the slower, rock-styled and deeper voice of Cyrus. While previous songs on the album were more light-hearted, these two songs show real emotion behind Cyrus’s voice. “Week Without You” was one of my favorite songs on the album because of the fact that Cyrus was not afraid to show her true emotions to listeners.

Cyrus’s “Love Someone,” which is similar to a typical breakup song but with her own spin on it. During the song, Cyrus is telling someone that she is leaving them, but she is leaving because she knows that they treats her horribly and she deserves better. For me, this song embodies the idea of “girl power” that Cyrus has been known to advocate for, making this one of my favorite songs.

“She’s Not Him” is one of the slowest tracks on the album and, like some of the other songs, showcases Cyrus’s true emotions, seeming like a symbol for some of her struggles she may have kept bottled up for years.  

Closing the album is “Inspired.” This song follows the trend of slow, meaningful songs throughout “Younger Now.” This uplifting song contains so much emotion, and the message of the song really does make a person feel inspired. I feel like this was the perfect song to close the new era of Miley Cyrus.