Young Thug, Future’s “SUPER SLIMEY” difficult listen, still a success


Charlie Zediker, Staff Writer

Young Thug and Future’s new album, “SUPER SLIMEY” was released on Oct. 20 as a surprise release, and found immediate success, peaking at No. 2 on the US Billboard 200. This is their first collaboration together, and although the album features two talented artists that express their Atlanta trap style enthusiastically, it is catered to a very narrow group of listeners and is not for the average rap listener.

Both hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the two artists have similar rap styles, thick with autotune and “mumble rap,” although Young Thug seems to use a lot more autotune than Future, mainly due to the fact that his voice, to be completely honest, isn’t as pleasing to the ear as Future’s lower, drone-like voice.

Many notorious producers appear on the project, including Southside, Wheezy, London on Da Track and more. Surprisingly, the album only has one other artist feature, which is Offset of the Migos on the song “Patek Water.” All of the other tracks feature strictly Future and/or Young Thug.

Probably the most creative and significant songs on the album are “Group Home” and “Mink Flow.” “Group Home” puts the spotlight on Future; in this song, his voice is strangely altered to present a gritty, granular texture that is not found anywhere else on the album. “Mink Flow” lets Young Thug shine, which also takes advantage of autotune to turn Thug into a cyborg-like figure, working very well with the rest of the album and the song.

Where the album fails, however, is with delivering an easily listenable album. Young Thug and Future are wonderful at their Atlanta trap style and typically use autotune to advance the tracks on the album, but it gets extremely boring and repetitive after the first few songs. There is never a break or pause in the album that lets the listener breathe into a new genre or style, so by the end of the album, it can get a little stuffy. Luckily, the album has quite a short runtime. Overall, “SUPER SLIMEY” is an interesting album for fans of Young Thug and Future and their style, but it probably won’t be enjoyable for regular rap listeners.