Student prints flyers protesting removal of Power Hour, spread school-wide

Molly Archer, Editor-In-Chief, News Editor

The privilege of Power Hour was taken from Oxford High School students Nov. 7 due to unruliness and lack of self-control during the hour long lunch. A group of students protested this change by passing out over 400 missing Power Hour flyers around the school.

“Hopefully, the teachers will realize there are ways for us to peacefully protest this in good humor and maybe reconsider the power hour at least for students that have not been disruptive during the time,” senior Cole Grafton, who originally started printing the flyers, said.

According to Grafton, the missing Power Hour flyers were initially meant to be humorous but gained popularity throughout the student body after people began to see them on social media.

“Originally, I made [the flyers] to put a joke on my Snapchat story, and then a lot of people replied and asked if I was actually printing them,” Grafton said. “I just thought it would be really funny. I did not know that it would be this popular.”

According to Principal Bradley Roberson, Power Hour was a privilege and not a right for students.

“Power Hour is such a beneficial thing for our students,” Roberson said. “I think that remediation time is important, but we have to act responsibly in order to get the freedom and the autonomy that all of you guys want as students. Notice we’ve never had that before, and anytime you’re given privileges those can be revoked when expectations aren’t met.”

After the announcement that Power Hour would be taken away until after Thanksgiving break, many students, such as Grafton, claimed that they were not the ones responsible for the outbursts and should not be punished.

“At first, we were well behaved, but then some students got more and more disruptive, skipping school, fighting, just doing different things during Power Hour, but I think that’s not a reflection of the whole student body,” Grafton said. “I mean, it’s only been a few dozen students and theres 1200 total.”

Later that day, Grafton tweeted that he started with 20 flyers, but by seventh period there were 400 distributed throughout the school plus an email chain that spread.

“To be honest, I’m really not sure of the intent of the flyer, but if it gives students to feel like they have a voice, then that’s perfectly fine,” Roberson said. “I believe in that type of leadership, but ultimately, my decision is going to be based on what is best for you guys and that’s the decisions that I will continue making.”

According to Roberson, the actions of the students at OHS will determine whether or not the hour long lunch will be continued after Thanksgiving break.

“I just want everybody to know, free my boy Power Hour. He’s innocent,” Grafton said. “He was framed and he does not deserve this. I miss it and hopefully we’ll have it back after Thanksgiving.”