Rap group Brockhampton’s “SATURATION III” is progressive, impressive


Charlie Zediker, Staff Writer

Brockhampton, the collective rap group hailing from San Marcos, Texas, released “SATURATION IIIon Dec. 15. This was their final installment of the “Saturation” trilogy. The alternative rap group, composed of members Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion, Russel Boring, Ameer Vann, Dom McLennon, Merlyn Wood, bearface and Romil Hemnani, work together to create a unique sound that left me wanting more.

Lead member Kevin Abstract, who hit the scene in 2016 with his masterpiece “Empty” from his 2nd studio album, “American Boyfriend,” combines classic and modern rap with hip hop elements, pulling from varying genres to produce a unique, universally likable sound. He, along with fellow Brockhampton members, collaborated with TV channel VICELAND to create the program “American Boyband,” a recount of their first headline tour across America, which premiered in June of 2017

I believe most listeners would agree that the most notable tracks on the album are “BOOGIE,” “JOHNNY” and “BLEACH.” “BOOGIE,” released as a single along with a music video on Dec. 12th, was an immediate success and generated hype for their soon-to-release album. In “JOHNNY,” the rapping members of the group, all except Romil Hemnani, all hit the track hard, but also offer EDM elements and a singing part, which both add different moods to the track. “BLEACH” features a very lo-fi and alternative type beat, while the members match perfectly with it to create a melodic, ear-worm worthy track.

Surprisingly, this album only has original members, and doesn’t rely on features from other artists, but this doesn’t take away from the album. It makes the album seem personal, like a journey with the group to learn about their lives and experiences. Amazing production is offered by Romil Hemnani, who combines classic rap beats and contemporary elements to create a truly unique take on alternative hip-hop.

One thing that sets Brockhampton apart from other rap groups is their creativity and diversity. Not only do they simply make and perform music, they have also released their own clothing line venturing into something many other groups don’t do.

Another thing that differentiates the group is their involvement in the LGBT community. Many of the members are either bisexual or gay, including Kevin Abstract. This involvement is a very forward movement for a rap group that isn’t often represented.

SATURATION III” charts peaked at No. 15 on the US Billboard 200 and at No. 5 on the R&B/Hip Hop charts. Although many believed this to be the last Brockhampton album, another album, “Team Effort,” was announced a day before the release of SATURATION III.” It is expected to release later this year.

This album is a definite must for fans of any genre who want a unique, diverse sound, with forward and creative members as well.