Trump succeeds in historic State of the Union address


Grant Daniels, Staff Writer

Last night, President Trump gave a powerful, historic speech in his first official State of the Union address. He deservingly went back to look at his many accomplishments in just a year and he also recognized individuals who had stories of hardship that should unite the parties. The president gave a sense of nationalism and pride for America that should unite our country by recognizing first responders and their successes too.

One of the most powerful moments was when Trump delivered an emotional salute to two families whose teenage daughters were both brutally murdered by MS13 gang members when walking down the streets of Long Island, N.Y. This gang was able to get into our country through the loopholes in our failed immigration policies in the past. Americans need to hear this story and see what can happen as a result of leaving our borders open.

While the majority of the crowd reacted with standing ovations nearly every minute, the Democrats on the floor sat on their hands and looked stone-faced for most of night. No matter what Trump had to say, even on bipartisan policies, most of the Democrats continued to sit in their seats.

Trump asked for both parties to come together and improve infrastructure that our country desperately needs, a totally bipartisan proposal that is necessary for America and the Democrats gave no applause or any sign of interest. That projects what goes on in the Senate, the Democratic senators will not give into Trump despite the success that he has had. The liberal media has sold this horrific view on Trump to their decreasing ratings. Democrats feel like they cannot applaud for something as simple as improving infrastructure.

President Trump pointed out the unemployment numbers being at a 45-year low. He noted one of his biggest accomplishments of bringing the unemployment down to the lowest in history for African Americans and Hispanic Americans. Every single American should have been proud of such a mark and yet the Black Caucus disgracefully sat with arms folded. It shows you how much hate people have for our president and how bitter the partisanship is when you cannot even applaud that sort of statistic revolving around your own community.

The president gave himself a well-deserved victory lap for what he has done with the economy. After eight years of failure from President Obama driving our economy into the ground by unfair trade deals and putting way too many investments into the United Nations for our country as well as other countries, Trump said ‘the era of economic surrender is over.’ The stock market has gained $8 trillion in value since the election. Wages are rising after years of stagnation. As Trump promised, the biggest tax cuts in history were re-enacted. How can anyone sit and not applaud such accomplishments?

After years of losing, America is winning again. Since the election, 2.4 million new jobs have been created with 200,000 of those jobs in manufacturing. Just recently, Apple Inc. has announced that they plan to invest a total of $350 billion in America and plan to hire another 20,000 workers. Exxon Mobil announced a $50 billion investment in America. Automobile manufacturing plants are beginning to come back to America.

When Obama was president, he called ISIS a threat to America now, our children and grandchildren. Now, just six months into Trump’s presidency, the war against ISIS is nearly over. It just goes to show you the difference in having a winning mentality like Trump compared to Obama. All he did was lose for America.

Many people across the nation are just finding out the countless accomplishments that Trump has had because hardly anyone would talk about it. Trump’s first State of the Union address displayed just how much he has done for our country and how bright our future is. In just one year of Trump’s presidency, hope has been restored in America.