Swim hopes for successful season, eyes state championship


Brody Denevan, staff writer

The Oxford swim program has been historically successful and has high hopes to continue its past successes this season.

The Oxford swim team has had three meets so far this season. Their first meet was in Tupelo, the second was in Oxford at the Turner Center, and the third was in Starkville. They have had first and second place finishes on both sides of the team. Captain Wiliam Berry talks about the leadership he holds being the only senior on the swim team. 

“I am stepping up the most I can in terms of leadership and scoring points. A lot of our juniors, sophomores, and even freshmen, are getting to the point to where they can score a lot of points and contribute to the team,” Berry said. “I would say our team is progressing pretty well. Things are starting to come together. We are starting to see our hard work pay off.”

Junior Cole Oyler talks about the team’s preparation for the upcoming meets. The common theme consists of many practices every week, even sometimes being held on the weekends.

“We are just trying to get in the water as much as possible, and get better as much as we can,” Oyler said.  

Cole Oyler credits coach Robert Gonzalez as one of their biggest reasons for success. 

“He’s helping in every way possible,” Oyler said. “He is there every day and never skips.”

Although the team lost many senior swimmers this year, they acquired new young swimmers. 

“We expected the team to be a lot smaller, but with everyone who’s left, we’ve found our replacements with someone younger,” Berry said. “I don’t think that’s really going to hold us back. I think we’re building a very strong team.”

The team’s goal for the end of the year is not only progression but to also win the state meet when it is all said and done.

“We all have to do our part and contribute, whether that means winning our state championship event or if that just means breaking the finals for the first time and gaining a few points,” Berry said. “Even if you’re a younger kid, we all have a part to play.”

Berry talked about team relay leaders Jacob Tulchinsky, Landon Schock, Gates Allen, Bobby Jubera, and Knox Laws. 

“That’s kind of our core boys relay group in each meet,” Berry said. “We’re kind of reconfiguring who can do the best in any respective position in a relay and in a certain event. I would say that group of boys will be the biggest scorers this year.”

Junior swimmer Cole Oyler believes everyone on the team is getting great times and scores. The team recently went to Starkville for a meet, where the boys placed first and the girls placed second.

“We’ve seen a lot of good times,” Oyler said. “A lot of younger kids are really getting into it.”