9th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk gives back to survivors


The month of October signifies Breast Cancer Awareness throughout the nation. This year, Oxford High School put on their 9th annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk led by OHS teacher Amanda Gulledge. Many teachers and members of the OHS community have been impacted by breast cancer and its long battle in many ways, and the walk is a way to highlight and honor the survivors and their battles.

Dana McConnell, the college and career readiness counselor at Oxford High School, was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2020. McConnell spoke on what breast cancer awareness means to her and why it is so important for our community to gain exposure.

“I’m a breast cancer survivor, early detection was key to my survival. Thank goodness for early detection so it was minimal. It wasn’t easy but I think it was much easier because of the early detection,” McConnell said.

“I am passionate about it because I want everyone to get checked, mammograms and everything.”

McConnell provided some intel about what the walk means to her and expressed what the walk does.

“I did it last year. My family came and did it last year with me. That meant a lot to me,” McConnell said. “I think it brings attention to breast cancer. It reminds us that breast cancer does not discriminate. Everyone needs to be reminded that we need to have those regular exams and mammograms.”

This year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Walk was run by Amanda Gulledge, an art teacher at Oxford High.

“Oxford High School does the walk to allow students the opportunity to show their support of those who are fighting and have fought breast cancer,” Gulledge said. “The walk is filled with individuals, sports teams, school clubs and organizations, as well as people from the community.”

Gulledge had a more personal experience with breast cancer, as her experiences have led her to push for breast cancer awareness.

“5 years ago I lost my Mom to breast cancer,” Gulledge said. “That alone makes me passionate about the walk and everything it represents.”

Many students who participate in the walk know someone that has been affected by breast cancer and walk in support of them. OHS senior Claire Anne Boudreaux participates in the walk annually, as she has had personal connections with numerous breast cancer survivors.

“The breast cancer awareness walk is an opportunity for the Oxford High School community to come together to raise awareness for an issue that most members of our community have been affected by in some way,” Boudreaux said. “I personally have been participating in the walk since my freshman year of high school when I had the opportunity to complete the walk alongside former debate coach and breast cancer survivor Dr. Barbara Lowe. Now, I walk in honor of Dr. Lowe, my aunt, and every other woman who has battled breast cancer.”