Oxford basketball team looking to rebound with familiar faces


The Oxford boys basketball team finished last year’s season with a loss against Center Hill in the first round of the playoffs. The Chargers ended their season with a 15-11 record and will open up the 2022 campaign on the road against Itawamba. 

Heading into his 26th year as the head coach of the Charger basketball team,  Drew Tyler talked about how this year’s team compares to previous teams in the past.

“Finally this year’s group as a whole, our young guys have gotten some age on them,” Tyler said. “Compared to some of the other teams, they’re just not showing up to basketball with a lot of hours under their belt, so that’s a really good feeling when our gym is filled with gym rats.”

Coach Tyler emphasized how this year’s group is more experienced and could help benefit the Chargers this season.

“That Junior group where we got seven or so, it’s a great thing they’re not seniors but they’re not young anymore either,” Tyler said. “They’re a year older, more mature, and I think they have definitely gotten better.”

Tyler talked about how he will look for leaders all around the court.

“I put a lot of communication stuff on the Seniors, and a lot of coaches coach through point guards, so I look to that Junior class a good bit because a lot of our point guards come from that class,” Tyler said. “That group has been together for a long time.”

Senior guard Jackson Myatt looks forward to getting on the court this season and helping the Chargers make a deep run into the playoffs. 

“We have really good team chemistry,” Myatt said. “We have a lot of guys that want to win, and I think we got two great coaches who put a lot into our team and really want us to be next level.”

Seniors Jackson Myatt and Jake Marsh will have increased roles this season, allowing them to step up and make plays when needed. 

“I just need to help make shots, spread the floor, rebound, and take charges,” Myatt said. “Everybody has the same goal and that’s to win.”

The Chargers will look a lot towardsa strong Junior class that includes returning starters, as well as an incoming transfer from Lafayette, Adam Tyson. Junior guard DJ Davis touched on what things he’s looking forward to this season and his role on the team.

“My role has changed a little as far as me being an upperclassman,” Davis said. “My role is pretty much to be vocal, lead the team, be a great teammate and person on and off the court, and to help us win games any way possible.”

The Chargers will look to take a deeper run into the playoffs after coming up short last season.

“I feel like we are prepared and we will make a deep run in the playoffs, we’ll shock a lot of people,” Davis said. “Overall, continuing to win games is our main goal.”