Did Outer Banks 3 meet expectations?


Anderson Shows, staff writer

In April of 2020, Netflix released their newest teen show “Outer Banks”. The show takes place in the Outer Banks on Kildare Island. On that island there are two sides, one side holds the upper class people, the Kooks, and the other side is for the working class people, the Pogues. The two sides are enemies and cause problems on the island. 

In season one, four Pogues, John B Routledge, JJ Maybank, Kiara Carrera, and Pope Heyward, go on an adventure to find 400 million dollars of gold from a sunken ship. During the journey, the Pouges are challenged by the Kooks, Ward and Rafe Cameron. Along the way John B falls in love with the Kook princess, Sarah Cameron. Over the course of four of the ten episodes, the Pogues find the gold but then are shocked to find that the gold was taken by the Kooks and sent to Nassau in the Bahamas. Later in the season, John B is accused of a murder that he did not commit and was forced to flee off the island with Sarah. While on the boat leaving the island, a storm erupts and the boat flips over into the dark ocean which ended the season. With fans eager to find out what happens next in the story, Netflix announced season two of Outer Banks in July of 2020 

In season two, we start right where it left off as John B and Sarah are rescued by a boat that is going to Nassau. The other Pogues back on Kildare Island soon find a new treasure to search for, The Cross of Santo Domingo. It was a giant, ancient, solid gold cross with jewels and diamonds engraved around it. The cross had heritage to one of the Pogues, Pope. After the Pogues find the cross, their treasure is again taken by the Kooks and put on a boat to also be shipped to Nassau. The Pogues sneak onto the boat and eventually have to jump off and leave the cross behind, ending season two.

After another successful season, Netflix announced a 3rd season for “Outer Banks” in December of 2021. The announcement excited fans all around the world who were eager for more. Then after over a year of waiting, season three was finally released on February 23, 2023. 

Season three, like the other seasons, has ten thrilling episodes that continue the story of the Kooks and the Pogues. The season starts out where it left off in season two with the Pogues on a deserted island that they have named “Pougelandia.” The Pouges make their way back home as they are picked up by a plane on the island and taken to the island of Barbados. The Pogues have again found a new treasure called El Dorado which is a city made completely of solid gold. The Pogues face many troubles along the way including the new character Mr Carlos Singh.

Season three instantly climbed to the top of the Netflix top 10 in only days and has still stayed in the top 3 on the charts weeks after the release. After just four days, “Outer Banks” season three received 154 million hours in viewing time. Before season three premiered, fans had already got the show back on the top 10 re-watching the series to get ready for the new season. Season one falling into the 4th slot and season two in the 7th slot in the top ten. Season three also has the highest viewership during the first week of release of all of the seasons. Season one had 35 million hours of  viewership in the first week while season two only had 11 million hours of  viewership. Although the viewership went down, season two had more thrill and action than season one causing it to pull the viewer into the show more. 

Although season three had the most viewership, it failed to deliver the same level of suspense and excitement as the other seasons. During season two, the Pogues were running from the police which built up suspense, but season three just doesn’t have that.

Season one and two both end on an unfinished story causing fans to be more eager for the next season. However, season three ended with a finished story but not enough to build off of for a new season. Two days before the release of the new season, the cast of “Outer Banks” announced the 4th season for the show. But does the show need another season? No it doesn’t. The show has nowhere to go after season three unlike the other season where the show had something to continue from.

Season three left fans disappointed with the lack of excitement and suspense throughout the season and at the end. Fans are left with one question: will the next season deliver like the first two?