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East breaks school record of volleyball kills


OHS volleyball star, Michael Ann East, recently broke the school record with 1,000 career kills.  East has been playing volleyball for OHS for the past five years and already achieved a great deal of success in her senior season.

“I think I have matured a lot throughout the years I have been at OHS. I’ve started Varsity since 8th grade, so there’s obviously a lot of room for change there,” East said. “This year I’ve really taken time to just reflect, listen, and hopefully be a role model for the younger girls.”

East has played an important role in helping her teammates reach their full potential. Specifically, East has worked closely with her setter, Claire Wicker, over the years. 

“I would describe her as someone who is always supporting her teammates,” Wicker said. “She’s done a really good job being able to pick people up. She’s definitely helped me grow as a player. She’s given me a bunch of constructive criticism, because I’m a setter and she’s a hitter, so I have to make sure my stuff is good for her.”

East has also grown in many ways over her years playing with OHS volleyball. Head coach, Ashley Martin, explains how she has seen East continue to support her teammates as her time at OHS comes to an end.

“Obviously there were huge roles to fill, and shoes to fill, after losing five seniors last year but she has really stepped up into a huge role. She’s always encouraging, even if she has a bad game, she’s the loudest one on the bench,” Martin said. “You never hear her being quiet, she’s constantly talking and encouraging her teammates, letting them know she’s there for them no matter what’s happening.”

Once Martin started looking at East’s stats after the end of last season, she realized East was capable of reaching 1,000 kills. Martin soon informed East that this record breaking number of kills was in near sight for her.

“I didn’t know I was going to break it, because I didn’t know I was anywhere near holding a record. I was unaware that I was anywhere near 1,000 kills,” East said. “When they told me I could hold the new record and no one’s going to pass it for a while, I took that and I used that as motivation to work hard, and reach that.”

Once learning that she was close to reaching 1,000 kills, there was an evident advance in her work ethic. In addition to learning that she was nearing 1,000 kills, learning that she could break the school record of kills made for immense motivation.

“She’s definitely worked a little bit harder now that she’s realized she was able to reach 1,000 kills,” Wicker said. “It’s really fun seeing her work so hard.”

All of East’s hard work paid off when she reached her goal and broke the school record of 1,000 career kills against Desoto Central High School. 

“It was super cool to have her get it at home right before we left for Phoenix, especially against Desoto Central,” Martin said. “It’s just always a huge game between us and the Desoto County schools so it was awesome for her to be able to get that accomplishment before we left, because now she gets to keep continuing and having a higher kill record.”

Reaching 1,000 kills was not only a huge accomplishment, but a celebration amongst the team as well.

“I think that’s probably one of the coolest things,” Martin said. “Just watching the entire team celebrate the accomplishments.”

Many of East’s teammates enjoyed getting to be a part of her journey to achieving this feat. The tight-knit community of the OHS Volleyball team has been an integral part of East’s success.

“It makes me really proud of her,” Wicker said. “I love her so much.”

Reaching 1,000 kills is a milestone that East will never forget. With her years of playing volleyball at OHS, she would say this is her biggest accomplishment thus far. 

“I’m honestly really thankful that I’ve gotten this opportunity and have been given the ability to play volleyball and reach this record,” East said. “It’s just really exciting.”

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