Schoology school-wide discussions limited for now


Matt Simpson


Charger Nation is a group on Schoology that contains every student at Oxford High School. The group was intended to be used for updates on events going on around school.

However, the students of OHS found a way to pass the time utilizing this group. They would make discussions that would be posted to every student’s Schoology wall, and then anybody could comment and respond to everybody else. The discussions started getting a bit out of hand.

The creator of the group, science teacher Nicole Roberson, said, “When I created the group we meant it as a way to update people about spirit days, activities, going on around the school, pep rallies, schedules, and things of that nature.

“After all of the discussions started popping up, people were spending way too much class time figuring out what fruit was best for punting.”

One of the discussions, created by senior Crayton Bowie, pertained to dinosaurs and various dinosaur-like creatures.

“I would click add discussion, and then I would type the title of the discussion such as ‘Biologically, What is Your Favorite Dinosaur?’” Bowie said. “From there I would type in a nice description of the discussion, and I always made sure to try and keep it PG.”

People would then comment on the discussion like a thread.

Students were quite fond of the discussions.

“They were very interesting,” Matthew Swales, a freshman, said. “Having people talk about punting fruit on Schoology just makes my day and makes me very happy.”

The discussions created by students are no longer in existence, and the ability to add new discussions has been taken away.

“We decided that it was probably in everybody’s best interest to limit that capability,” Roberson said.

Students are still allowed to comment on posts on Charger Nation, but Roberson is the judge of whether they are published or not.

“I receive notifications whenever new comments have been added,” Roberson said. “I just have to go through and check whether they are approved or not.”