Disruptive students run the halls


Evelyn Smith

Stink bombs, and silly string, and tardies. Oh my! 

Over the years, high schoolers’ hallway etiquette has never been exemplary, but there seems to be something special about the 2014-15 school year.

From the day we were born, it seems, parents could not emphasize enough the importance of “please” and “thank you.”   The way we behave is an example of who we represent, whether it is our family, school, team, club, or other organization.

However, it seems some students at Oxford High School have yet to represent their school in a respectful way.

This year alone, football players have set off stink bombs, groups of friends have been spraying silly string, and everyone seems to be using extreme volume levels.  This disruptive behavior has been aggravating for teachers, students, and even administration.

“One of the main things I have noticed is the exchange during lunch,” English teacher Sommer Husbands said.  “Students are not respecting the fact that other people are having classes.”

Unfortunately for students, they are emerged head on with their classmates’ poor conduct.

“Many students sprint across the hall, for reasons I am unaware, but it has become a safety hazard to all in the hallway,” sophomore Aubrey Kate Merrell said.

Sophomore Meredith Grantham is disappointed by the lack of maturity from her classmates.

“Just the other day, as I was coming around the corner, a group of students were yelling vulgar profanity at the bottom of the staircase,” Grantham said. “People who do this are stupid and disrespectful.”

Administration has yet to set in place specific rules for the hallway.  Hallway etiquette has previously been in relation to common sense.

Assistant principal Marni Herrington says that the front office is unaware of the behavior becoming excessively worse.

“There will always be some instances that take place, but hopefully we are made aware of those either by teacher or student,” Herrington said.