Library showcases ebooks, DVDs


Carter Diggs

Many don’t know of the myriad of options available to visitors of the OHS Charger Library, and librarian Lynndy Hurdle has seen to it that that changes.

Motivated by the showcasing of other librarians and the urge for more teachers and students to visit the library, Hurdle set up a day for her to showcase the library. On Friday, the main focus was to inform students of several different things they can check out beside regular physical books.

“Sometimes in a library things get stuffed in shelves or are not on display all the time,” said Hurdle, “so it helps to be able to see things and think ‘that looks interesting.’”

Most prominent are the ebooks, which according to Hurdle, can be checked out by any amount of people at one time.  The already broad selection is currently growing as Hurdle finds new books to add to the digital library.  New listings include ebooks about careers, which are intended to be helpful for those who undertake career projects this year.

“There’s anything from the classics – The Great Gatsby, The Scarlet Letter, to some nonfiction choices and current popular series,” listed assistant librarian Taylor Davison.

The ebooks can be checked out from the library website or accessed with a Nook provided by the library for personal checkout.

Also available for checkout are DVDs and VCR tapes which range from adaptations of classics to informational and biographical films.

In other events with the library, a Banned Books Week is currently in effect, which puts to the forefront books that have been challenged by censorship and celebrates First Amendment rights. More events are planned throughout the year, like National Library Week and themed weeks for different holidays.

With all of the new ideas and features put forth, Hurdle wishes to attract the interest and regard of inquisitive students.