Vehicle registration tab presents security concerns among OHS students


Jeffrey Wang

Oxford High School students may be at the risk of having their personal information stolen.

The problem?

The Oxford High School website itself. Many students have recently found a way to exploit the OHS website to find another student’s personal information thanks to an exploit in the vehicle registration tab.

The problem can occur if a student knows another student’s login. They can then use the login in the vehicle registration tab and find out another student’s ID number.

A hacker can now access the student’s Schoology and lunch account.

Such cases give students the possibility of altering another student’s grade, which is a severe case of both academic dishonesty and bullying. It also allows the hacker to access the student’s lunch account which can allow them to steal the student’s money.

Other issues include logging into a student’s email and PowerSchool account to stalk others by accessing personal information.

“First of all, the page needs to be eliminated,” Principal Bradley Roberson said. “It is not a part of LYP (“Love Your People” initiative) as we want to make good decisions and treat people fairly. This is very important as it regards a student’s personal information.”

Roberson said that the technology department is working on the issue as it is similar to another one.

“Technology is working to get passwords reset, and it is a similar issue as the course request change,” he said.

The problem with course request change is in the same regards as the vehicle registration problem. If a student knows another student’s login they can find out their student ID number, and can lead to the same problems as right now with the stealing of student’s information.

OHS students are just as concerned as the administration about the insecure school site.

“The school should immediately take down the ID part of vehicle registration,” said junior Jeffrey Wu, who has recently found out about the exploit from other students. “It is also a very big problem as you log into non-school appropriate sites with another student’s account and frame them for other problems.“