OHS Fantasy Basketball Draws Great Interest


Jeffrey Wang

With the National Basketball Association starting its regular season on Tuesday, many OHS students and faculty are interested in the brand new season.

The great interest has lead to a great demand for an OHS Charger fantasy basketball league for both students and faculty interested in the pro game.

OHS Assistant Principal Duncan Gray is the founding father of the league.

“I love doing fantasy sports, and with the great increase of students, I wanted to form one last year,” Gray said. “The timing, however, last year did not work out and the idea was scrapped.

“This year, however, there was a good bit of initial interest. With the 25 students, we have two leagues: one with 14 teams and the other league will have 12.”

The members of the OHS fantasy league will draft their favorite players, and compete in many categories that are recorded during NBA games.

These categories include: points, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals, among other categories.

The winner of each category will get a designated number of points dependent on the other members and their performance.

“I think it’s going to be a fun,” said senior Quen Bolden. “A school wide fantasy league makes the experience more fun and exciting.

“I think I did pretty well drafting, so I’m looking to trade and pick up some quality additions to my team to hopefully to make the playoffs and win the league“

The members of OHS fantasy league will compete with each other over the course of the NBA season to declare who will be the eventual final fantasy champion.

“It’s very exciting to be competing with people that you know,” said sophomore Isuru Hewamanna. “You get to trash talk them after you beat them.

“To win, you have to first have a good draft. I look for exploding and consistent players when I draft. They are ones that help me get points. So the more consistent they are, the more wins you’ll acquire.”

Gray and Co. would like for the Charger fantasy basketball league to become an annual tradition for the students and faculty of OHS.