Oxford High School students share artistic abilities with Literary Magazine

Oxford High School students share artistic abilities with Literary Magazine

Emma Scott

Oxford High students interested in sharing their artistic abilities with the school and local community have a chance to do so by submitting their creations to the literary magazine.

“The literary magazine is an opportunity for the students of Oxford High School to express themselves literary and visually,” OHS visual arts teacher Ebony Johnson said.

The literary magazine that will be titled “Evoke” will be distributed throughout the school and the town of Oxford.

“All work will be screened or previewed before selected into publication,” Johnson said. “However, the magazine embraces student-driven work.”

This year, Johnson will be designing the literary magazine. However, following this year, a staff will be created to be on either the literary magazine or yearbook staffs to create the publications. The magazine accepts all literary and visual artworks such as poetry, short stories, painting and photography.

“This magazine permits freedom. It is supposed to evoke thought,” Johnson said. “I really want as many students to submit as possible and look forward to the artistic merit that students will receive.”

The magazine will allow students to voluntarily express their own emotions through their artwork that is not through a required school assignment.

“There is a reality of teenagers that many adults do not permit themselves to remember and this provides the avenue for students,” Johnson said.

Students who have heard of the literary magazine believe that it is an opportunity for students who want to share their creativity throughout the school and Oxford.

“I think it’s good for students to put their work out there so they can show other students what they can do,” sophomore Emily Torma said.

Some also believe that the magazine will allow for students to represent the school through their artwork that they submit.

“I think that it will really show the personality of the school since everyone can submit their stuff,” junior Fatima Laraib said. “They will feel proud that their school is seeing all of their talents.”

Any student interested is encouraged to submit his or her artwork before the Nov. 15 deadline.

“I’m going to submit a book that I have written,” junior Sabrina Crain said. “I think that everyone should try it because it sounds fun and it is a great way to see how good you are at things.”