New benches at OHS


Matt Simpson

There has been a new addition to the courtyard outside of the commons at Oxford High School.

Students and faculty now have benches to sit on.

Anyone can use these benches for lunch and leisure (as long as students aren’t late to class). The new elongated sitting spaces could also provide new obstacles for any parkour enthusiasts at Oxford High.

“The district did tell us that we could do something out there,” said Assistant Principal Duncan Gray. “I was the one who went through and looked at the designs and researched to see what they cost.”

The royal blue pews arrived on Thursday morning. Many students noticed the new objects that took up space in the courtyard.

“They just appeared out of nowhere,” said freshman Sam Barnard.

The benches are going to be utilized most of the time during lunches. Students will now have more room to spread out and consume their food.

“This is just another sitting area. It also helps aesthetically build up the courtyard,” Gray said. “We will maybe bring some tables in later on.”

Students are still becoming accustomed to the new bleachers. They were very recently incorporated to the outdoor plans of OHS, so students still have plenty of time to form their own opinions on the matter.

“They’re nice, solid benches,” said freshman Bekah Mowen, who had decided that the benches were an acceptable addition to the school.

“You can sit outside and enjoy the weather,” said freshman Kathleen Patton.

The benches have not yet been secured to the ground, but they will be fastened in the near future.

“Eventually we are going to go ahead and bolt them down,” Gray said. “We wanted to see what they look like. We will probably order the tables in the next couple of weeks, and then we will probably anchor them down.”