Salt Increases as Exams Approach


Myeisha Madkins

As the first semester exams approaches, students at Oxford High students buckle down and try to get their extra credit. The students are hard at work.

As the work gets harder students start to change their attitude. The students are changing their moods.

Oxford High School Senior Brianna Sims says, “A salty teenager is a teenager with a generally pessimistic view on a certain subject, often if it doesn’t go their way.  They may completely ignore the advice of others’ due to being emotionally compromised.”

Oxford High School Junior Cha’Nya Clayton says, “A salty teenager is a teenager who always has something negative to say about any and everything. Even when something deserves parses they start being ‘salty’.”

Oxford High School Freshmen Mercy Guzman says, “A salty teenager is someone that slick disses for no reason. They have no reason to act like that. They just wanna give an attitude to someone because something didn’t go their way like they planned, but they’re just being high schoolers.”

Oxford High School Teacher Susan Kelly says, “A salty teenager is a teen who is just trying to get through the day and all the challengers it brings.”

However you define them, OHS students have agree by 97% that our school does indeed have salty teens. When asked why in a brief survey 40% of students where torn between ‘they are over worked’ and ‘they’re just being high schoolers.’ 19% of students through that the students where ‘just being mean.