Student Reactions to Paris Attacks


Jeffrey Wang

The recent Islamic States of Iraq and Syria attacks on Paris shocked the world with its sheer brutality and unmerciful slaughter of the people of Paris.

After the final standoff between Paris special forces and the ISIS terrorists, approximately 128 people were found dead. Even more people were injured, with numbers reaching between 350 to 370. Of those injured about 80 to 99 were put in critical care.

Nations around the world reacted with sympathy and action. The most recent and important of these was the G-20 meeting. There at the meeting different countries expressed ideas of cooperating, of joining together to combat the forces of ISIS. These countries primarily include France, the United States and Russia.

Back here at home OHS students also have different thoughts of the ISIS attacks and the cooperations of Europe and America to combat ISIS.

“I think they emphasized the impact that ISIS has on the world as a whole, and I think that got what they achieved even though they messed up on their attacks,” said junior Kyle Rock. “But in the end they did draw more attention for themselves.”

Different reasons on the ISIS attacks have been formed by many. These range from aggression caused by the recent bombings of strategic ISIS strongholds to a religious war against those who disagree with ISIS’ beliefs.

However, the majority believe the lax immigration of Syrian refugees to European countries and almost nonexistent security protocols is what caused the ISIS attacks.

“The true cause of the problem was with the immigration crisis in Europe,” said sophomore Ryan Mounce. “The fact that they are allowing so many immigrants in at the same time, you are bound to lose count of how they are coming in.

“This paved the way for ISIS to come into Europe. With such little precaution it was easy for them to get members into Paris and other European countries.”

With many European nations and America coming into play to combat the forces of ISIS, many people have positive thoughts and believe it to be an unifying opportunity.

“I believe that this should have happened sooner honestly,” sophomore Cole Grafton said about the recent cooperations of Russia, France and the United States, “but since it’s mainly toward one country, people haven’t cared that much. Now with the ISIS attacks spreading around the world, more people are starting to take care more notice.

“Therefore, with the cooperation of many countries to combat ISIS, it will benefit the whole world.”