Exam week brings stress to students, teachers


Christie Forgette

As we reach the end of the year, looming exams often bring stress and panic to many high school students.  Studying hard all semester and turning in all of your assignments on time does not necessary guarantee students the grades they want.

The dreaded final exam can weigh heavily into the final grade.  So what to do to combat the stress levels experienced during exam week?

Let the OHS students and teachers count the variety of techniques and strategies to combat the stress.

Sophomore Sam Hartnett, who thinks that his chemistry exam will be his most difficult, breaks his studying exams into small pieces.

“I’m going to focus on one exam at a time,” he said.  “I’m not a great multitasker, so taking it day by day works for me.”

Hartnett advises OHS students to try to stay positive during exam week.

“You should definitely try your best on the exams,” he said, “but not stress too much and keep in mind that better days are coming after exam week.”

Sophomore Dejah McGee believes that her German exam will be the most difficult because of the large amount of vocabulary.  McGee appreciates the study guides and study sessions that her teachers offer and suggests that students try not to procrastinate.

“I think the best thing to do is just to start studying early for all of your exams,” McGee said.  “If you start early, you do not have to cram everything you need to know the night before.”

Science teacher Sarah Robinson gives students two pieces of advice on exams.

“I tell students to first, take advantage of review sessions,” Robinson said.  “Many students are not actively engaged or do not pay attention during these sessions, because no new information is being discussed.

“Secondly, don’t cram for exams the night before.  Instead, study more often in shorter sessions so you won’t feel as overwhelmed and you are more likely to clearly understand and retain the information.”

Robinson also helps her students before her classes’ exams.

“I provide students with study guides reviewing key concepts and give them a breakdown of the exam itself,” she said.  “I want students to have a clear idea of how they will be assessed on exam day.  I am working with students to create online review quizzes, so that they have plenty of practice prior to the exam.”