Beta Club more than just being a good student

Beta Club more than just being a good student

Jeffrey Wang

The Beta club isn’t solely a group for smart students.

The OHS Beta Club – which was founded last year and has recently inducted new members to its organization – strives to help out the Oxford community.

With the Beta Club becoming a more prominent club at OHS, the goal and purpose of this organization have helped students motivate others and improve the situation around Oxford by providing community service.

“Beta Club is an academic and a community service organization,” said club sponsor and OHS English teacher Katie Bridges. “Most students who join are motivated by their leadership skills, because the community service helps promote leadership among students.”

The goal of the Beta Club is to both improve the students’ abilities and to help out the community through community service.

“It doesn’t just benefits students, even though they can put it on their resume,” said club president Ansley Byars. “It also helps out the community because each Beta Club member is required to get 10 hours of community service to help out Oxford.

“Beta Club is also different from other clubs because unlike most clubs we don’t require an entrance fee or mandatory meetings. Our sponsor Mrs. Bridges also does a great job of caring about us and encourages us to participate more.”

New students who have joined Beta are very excited to join for the various opportunities the club provides.

“I was invited by my friend to join, and have enjoyed participating with the club ever since,” said Matt Sink, a new member of the club. “The standards of Beta Club help keep me focused on my academics, and the community service of 10 hours per semester motivates me to help my fellow students while benefiting the community, also.

“Being in Beta has also involved me in helping in and around Oxford and be involved in more activities.”