2015-16 OHS yearbooks on sale for $60

2015-16 OHS yearbooks on sale for $60

Emma Scott

2015-2016 OHS yearbooks are now on sale for anyone interested in purchasing one.

Yearbooks are selling for $60 and can be purchased from yearbook advisor and art teacher Ebony Johnson with cash or a check. Students can also purchase a yearbook through MySchoolBucks.

“The yearbooks will be on sale through March, but quantities are very limited,” Johnson said.

The 2015-2016 yearbook will demonstrate all of the many new ideas and changes the school year brought, such as the “Love Your People” movement.

“This year, we are redefining ourselves as a school, community and educators,” Johnson said. “Think ‘LYP.’”

Senior yearbook editor Sarah Elizabeth Davis believes that the yearbook staff is taking a different approach this year in completing the yearbook to make it more artistic.

Davis also believes that students should have a traditional hard copy of the yearbook to go back to, even in our technological society.

“The yearbook is a way to remember what happened this school year and will always be there even when social media crashes,” Davis said.

OHS junior Anna Lauren Grant is planning on purchasing a yearbook soon to go along with the other yearbooks she has purchased in the past.

“I have purchased every yearbook since I have been in high school,” Grant said. “I like to see all of the activities that the school did and look at all of the pictures of the sports teams and my friends.”

Besides student pictures and sports, the yearbook contains pictures of clubs and various other events that happen around the school.

“I hope that our blackout pep rally is in it,” Grant said. “It was really cool and really fun.”

Grant encourages other peers to buy a yearbook so they always have the ability to reflect on their high school lives when they want to in the future.

“Students should get a yearbook because they can look back at the good times that they had in high school and see all of the things that they did and accomplished,” Grant said.