Senior Superlatives Announced

Senior Superlatives Announced

Miranda Grayzel-Ward

The Senior Superlatives have been posted in the front of the Library. Photos will be taken for Superlatives March 30- April 3, 2015.

Most likely to be on Broadway: Dan Schultz and Emily Hankins

Most likely to be on ESPN: Shelby McEwen and Gabby Joyce

Best Personality: DK Hutchins and Anna McGee

Best Role Model: Pruitt Griffin and Marquisha Davis

Most Tech Savvy: Robert Farris and Price Parker

Dares To Be Different: Max Gines and Lennon Caldwell

Wall Street Bound: Drew Baker and Charlotte Bullard

Most Artistic: Pannawat Thamutock and Nile Thomas

Wittiest: Isaac Smith and Connie Dayan

Future President: Dodd Jones and Meagan Kennedy

Most Likely To Be On Dancing With The Stars: Walker Abel and Carson Luke

Trendiest: Cortez Jones and Hayden Hudson

Friendliest: Mohammad Al-Ostaz and Addison Morgan

Future Journalist: Owen Barnard and Mackenzie Ross

Most Changed Since Freshman: Ben Lilly and Kathleen Holley

Best Nickname: Ryan Smith and Joanne Odom

Cutest Couple: Colin Le and Janesha Johnson

Best Girl BFF’S: SaMoyah Freerman and Tamia Everett

Best Guy Bff’s: Will Anderson and Riley Lynch

Next Top Chef: Keyshawn Williams and Brooke Riley

Prettiest Eyes: Reed Byars and Maggie Mallette

Most Charming: Gavin Douglas and Randon Hill

Most Likely to Get a Record Deal: Makayla Frierson and Grady Tollison

Most Sophisticated: Peyton Farmer and Lilli Alford

Young At Heart: Harland Stewart and Kia Pegues

Best Hair: Matthew Ueleke and Heidi Davidson

Most Bashful: Colton Davis and Katie Trott

Most Caring: George Edwards and Jasmine Minor

Most Likely to Make a Medical Breakthrough: Joonhe Jo and Carly Rock

Worse Case of Senoritis: Jack McCure and Hannah Magro

Most School Spirit: Tony Holland and Sally Rychlak

Beauties: Alexa Sinha, Patricia Rogers, Terrace Brown, Reed Ashton

Beaus: Henry McDavid, Josh Gibbs, Wes Schnellgrove, Drew Phillips

Mr. and Miss OHS: David Dennis and Eliza Williams