First day brings problems, solutions


August 8 brought in a new crop of freshmen, started the beginning of the end for the seniors, and marked the beginning of the 2017 Oxford High School year. However, the day was not without its problems.

Monday began with 337 unregistered students, who began their day in the gym to wrap up their registration process. Most students completed the process and were back in class before lunch, according to Principal Bradley Roberson.

Other than the massive size of the student body who were unregistered, Roberson has been pleased with the first day of school thus far.

“Outside of the students that haven’t been completely registered, the day has been fantastic,” Roberson said. “Inside the classroom, I’ve heard great teacher and student discussions, and everything has run fluidly.”

Students and faculty alike have also noticed other changes taking effect on the first day of school, including new computer cases and technology issues.

“The new case protects the computer more,” teacher Karyn Fortenberry said. “It doesn’t seem to fall off because it is actually on there much better. It is zipped up, so you’re less likely to let food or other stuff into the computer like it could on the other case.”

However, students have been more focused on the appearance of the case, including senior Carsen Daniel, who described the cases as “terribly ugly and a little bulky.”

The opening of school was projected to bring many technological problems, but Roberson has seen few thus far.

“We have two tech guys in the cafeteria right now ready to go, but I actually haven’t heard of too many technology problems to start the day,” Roberson said. “There’s been a few students that couldn’t log in, but for the most part it’s running pretty smooth.”

As students settle into a daily routine, Roberson and the administration expect business as usual over the coming days.