OUT bus provides students alternative way to, from school


Lexie Hankins, Staff Writer

One of the many new changes being implemented this year is the Oxford-University Transit bus. It is now open as optional transportation for students without available rides after the traditional release time.

Previously, many students did not have available pick up for tutoring, so they could not attend. This year, the OUT bus is available for both pick up and drop off to allow students opportunities for after school tutoring or clubs.

“I would love for the students to stick around after school and participate in clubs,” Assistant Principal Duncan Gray said. “This new thing is primarily for kids who do not drive, or have a ride after school, and are usually relying on school buses. We just wanted to make new opportunities available for those who need it.”

With the bus now making commutes to the school, daily routines can be changed for easier access to and from school for all students.

The idea had been spread for some time, but it is now available this school year. The city was approached last fall for the possible collaboration, and Gray now supervises the project.

“It is a city run project, but I lobby it,” Gray said. “Any changes come directly from the city. We just wanted to get a bus out for the school.”

In the past, buses have used the parking lot at the high school. However, the school noticed an opportunity for both the school and the city buses to benefit from this situation. Now, the buses can continue to use the parking as long as they pick up students, as well.

The biggest plans are set for October since many clubs have not started, and tutoring has not started at all.

“I really hope that students take advantage of this opportunity because it was started for them,” Gray said.

While the main idea for this plan was to help students with tutoring, it also help students’ regular commutes. Students with a zero period often get to leave after the flex period. Since regular buses do not pick up students for zero period or flex, the OUT bus provides an alternative way to get home.

This gives students the opportunity to take an earlier class or one that would have been unavailable, and they can go home once they finish their classes instead of waiting until a traditional school bus comes.

“We just really want to give these students all the possible opportunities, and make sure they can make the most out of this,” Gray said.